Take your pooch to the ballgame

Nothing goes together in the good ol’ USA better than baseball, hotdogs and apple pie. On Tuesday, Aug. 14, the hotdog part of this equation takes on a double meaning at Historic Calfee Park in Pulaski

On that day, Pulaski Baseball Inc. has partnered with Pulaski County Humane Society and Animal Control to host Canines at Calfee. The Humane Society will showcase several of the shelter’s “hottest” dogs and cats, all up-to-date on shots and available for adoption, on the concourse of the ballpark.

We are thrilled to get our beautiful babes out in the public eye. We are very proud of them. Despite their impoverished backgrounds that have forced them into the homeless shelter in the first place, they are extremely well behaved. We challenge baseball fans to come visit and pet them,” said Candice Simmons, PCHS executive director.

Pet owners will have the opportunity to bring their own (leashed) dogs to the ballgame, as well. Enjoy spending time with your pet while watching the Pulaski Mariners take on the Danville Braves.

The game starts at 7 p.m. when Humane Society President Rita Anderson, throws out the first pitch in honor of our four-legged friends.

The audience can also expect a little “edutainment” on animal welfare. The game announcer has agreed to share some fascinating and true facts about basic pet care throughout the game.

Mark your calendars now to take your dogs out to the ballgame with you Aug. 14 and celebrate Canines at Calfee. Anderson said you will have so much fun, you are bound to walk away saying “hot diggity dawg!”

For more information on Canines at Calfee, call 674-0089 or email pchsva@gmail.com.



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