National Bank target of fake emails


If you receive an email purported to be from National Bank of Blacksburg, it’s best to ignore it.

According to the bank and Better Business Bureau Serving Western Virginia, fake emails have been going out to customers, and non-customers in some cases, threatening to deactivate accounts if the customer does not update their information by following a link to an online site.

Some National Bank customers have reported fraudulent text messages and/or phone calls asking for information about National Bank credit/debit cards.  Messages may threaten deactivation of your National Bank Card. Please do not respond to any request for information and contact us immediately if you have given information in response to such a call,” states a warning on NBB’s legitimate website (

Other companies that have recently been targeted by scammers include Verizon and UPS, according to Better Business Bureau. BBB says consumers nationwide are receiving fake emails that are almost identical to legitimate emails Verizon and UPS use to notify customers of monthly payments or shipping status.

The Verizon and UPS phishing scams are notable for their painstaking replication of each company’s emails,” states a press release from BBB. “Only the large Verizon bill amounts (from $45 to almost $2,000) and links to third party websites are tip offs to the real nature of these emails.”

BBB said the best way to spot a fake email is by hovering your cursor over the links to check whether the URL or website address leads to the company’s website. If it does not lead to the company’s website it is a scam email designed to lure the consumer to a third-party website.

For more information, contact BBB at (540) 342-3455 or (800) 533-5501, or visit



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