Lifetime spent searching for God’s greatest gift

From the minute a person is born, that person is reaching out. Reaching for something that is always very easy to find, but oft-times very hard to keep.
As we go along through life, and our wants become greater, we develop a desire to want more. Very early on a doll will do for some, and for some a pretty red wagon.
After that our wants double and even quadruple. Young ladies wish for an automobile of some type, while young men wish for a set of golf clubs, and membership in the country club.
To help that habit along some feel the need for a golf cart to transport them from hole to hole in search of their wayward golf balls, not realizing that the thing has landed right in the middle of the stream of water that runs through every good golf course.
As one grows older, he has day and night dreams about finding the means of purchasing one of those expensive Porsche automobiles.
Then comes the desire to have a big garage to keep his Porsche in, while it is not out burning up the pavement. And why have a great big garage if there’s no house built around it.
It’s not hard to imagine that old boy having such a fancy set of wheels, and his wife something less, so every time she drives that monster of a car, she’s wishing she could have one of her own, which she’ll mention to him during their evening swim in her imaginary pool.
By the time this couple of lovebirds reach the maturity of middle age, they find themselves still searching. There’s still plenty of time to wish for more of the “necessities” of life, so why stop at this point.
His thoughts and wishes move to big-time real estate to go along with his stone mountaintop mansion, so he says to himself, “I will start immediately to acquire all of the land and property that adjoins what I already own; then I will soon own half of the county. Maybe I will then be satisfied and happy.”
Poor soul, he still doesn’t know what it is that he’s searching for. But he moves wishfully onto another stage.
One morning he wakes to find himself the father of a brand new want or wish.
“I believe I will go into politics and announce my candidacy for Governor of the Commonwealth. Boy, that rolls off the tongue smoothly. Let’s try that again, Governor ME. You can’t beat that sound,” he tells himself.
So off the old boy goes, in search of votes, and election to the governorship of his commonwealth.
Holding his hand lovingly is his betrothed, throwing $1 rose buds out into the sparse audience.
“Where were the voters?” he asks as the votes are being counted. Poor boy. What a shame.
All his life he’s been reaching grabbing, and never once did the old boy think what it was he was reaching and grabbing for. I believe I know what it was.
The poor soul had spent his life looking. Except for his wanting wife, it never came to light to him that to gain much of what he had wished for he should have been looking and wishing for one of the greatest gifts one could acquire – a friend.
– Lloyd Mathews is a retired land surveyor and a historian who lives in Pulaski.



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