Mets slam Mariners, 9-3

Pulaski- The expression “when it rains, it pours” couldn’t hold more legitimacy Thursday night at Historic Calfee Park when the Mariners returned home to face the Kingsport Mets for their final home stand of the year. The 743 fans that came out to the ballpark had to sit through two different rain delays and a less than stellar performance from their home team.
The Mets struck for nine runs in the first two innings when hit, after hit, after hit peppered the damp field. The Mariners couldn’t help themselves out either with five errors being recorded throughout those first two innings. Missed ground balls, fly balls, and throwing mistakes were all an issue for Pulaski early in the game.
The first hit of the game for the Mariners came in the fourth inning, when Jean Acevedo turned on a pitch and belted it way over the fence in left field. His three run dinger scored Patrick Brady and Daniel Paolini to bring the Mets lead down to Earth 9-3.
The rain came for the second time going into the 6th inning. After a 30 minute rain delay, the game was called due to inclement weather making the 9-3 score final.
Akeel Morris (3-2) earned the win, while Ben Cornwell (0-2) was hit with the loss.
For the Mets Julio Concepcion, Tant Shepherd, Gregory Pron, and Chad Zurcher all recorded two hit games. The only other hit for the Mariners came on a Jamal Austin single.
Game two between the Pulaski Mariners and the Kingsport Mets will be tomorrow night at 7:00.



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