Spending our way to the past?

It’s really sad that many Americans living today seem to never have heard of the “Great Depression” that hit this country on the late 1920s. I would certainly not like to see a repeat of that awful time.
I happened to have lived through that depression, and when a person has lived through one, that’s enough.
All of the big spending at this time by our president and Congress, causes me to wonder if we are not heading down that road again.
I hope not, but we all know how politicians are when given a big blank check by the citizens.
It’s just like a kid who has learned an easy way to shake money from his or her piggy bank. It just seems too easy, and the first thing the child knows, no more change will shake out.
I’m sure that I am as much to blame for the big spending game that is being played, but it is just like it has always been.
The political party that has control of the nation’s purse strings usually ends up opening up a big old pork barrel.
Have you ever taken a government’s budget and gone through it item by item? I can’t say that I have, but from things I have heard, I wouldn’t want to.
I am sure of one thing, though; and that is, every time I hear of or read about certain legislation that is being pushed by either political party, I have a natural inclination to see all of the good things about the bill, and end up doing whatever I can to see that the bill is voted into law.
It is so much easier to help spend those dollars if there’s a little piece of pork for Pulaski, or our county. What we have done is to stand back and admire ourselves, how, through the sweat of the brow, we have accomplished great things for ourselves and our families.
We have fallen in love with all that is tasty to the palate, beautiful to the eyes, and inflating to the ego, and comfortable to the body.
Sometimes I think we are thumbing our noses at our Creator, with an attitude of “who needs heaven.”
Riches that most people have accumulated for their children will probably not provide clean air, water, and the environment that will be needed in the future. But we can’t seem to want to make ourselves realize that.
We have moved through the time of spring, and have moved into summer of the cycle. We had better hope it will be a long summer, because fall is next.
How long can the paper base on which we stand hold up? How reminiscent to a time three-quarters of a century ago.
The summer of 1929 was a happy, rollicking and fast-moving time. What a time to live, people were saying.
Babe Ruth and his team-mate Lou Gehrig were knocking baseballs all over New York City.
Ring hero Jack Dempsey had recently gone into retirement, making room for several top boxers to entertain the spending public.
And a young crooner named Bing Crosby was slaying the women with his smooth voice.



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