Tribute to a good American

Well, the mid-term elections are over all across America. There were some surprises, mine being the landslide victory of Morgan Griffith over hard working incumbent Rick Boucher. I guess I was too accustomed to Boucher being a winner in these Congressional elections, and the blow for me was about the worst of any election in my long years of observing political races.
I have finally convinced myself that it was not just a bad dream, or nightmare that will replay in my mind many times before I am satisfied that it is a fact. I’m sure Rick Boucher was taken aback over the outcome, but I doubt very seriously if he could feel any worse than I feel.
Boucher has done a lot for the people of the Ninth Congressional District, and anyone who doesn’t realize this has been wandering around in the dark. He will be missed much more than most voters in this district think possible. I was hoping he would carry Pulaski, but I am disappointed to learn that he didn’t, and the biggest surprise to me is the fact that he did not even win the vote in his own county. The voters there must have known much more than those in other places. Maybe I was betting everything on past performance, but from here on I will do a better job of observing candidates. When one gets his own homefolks against him, it’s pretty bad.
I wonder what the new Congressman has in mind to do for the Ninth District. I never did hear any promises from him, but we must all keep in mind that Morgan Griffith is now our public servant, and we need to keep him aware of that.
And I wonder how many thousand veterans Rick Boucher served in special ways during his long time in office. And how many senior citizens, and how many sick and afflicted he found medical assistance for. He will be missed in a lot of ways by people of many interests. The music trail that he established from west to east is there to entertain music lovers from all parts of the country.
I’m sure we will be seeing Rick Boucher farther on down the road, and when we do we will remember him as the Congressman who was always doing good things for people. He was certainly the least self-serving public servant ever to represent a constituency. I consider myself very fortunate to have known him, and to have had the opportunity to vote for him every time he ran for the office he held for so long.

Lloyd Mathews is a retired land surveyor and a historian who lives in Pulaski.



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