Cougar football team starts new tradition

When we were younger, most of us had a special person within our school system who impacted our lives, but few of us had a chance to publicly show our appreciation.
Pulaski County High School head coach Todd Jones recently gave the Cougar football team a chance to do just that.
Jones wanted to start a tradition at the school as a sign of solidarity, so he asked each player to choose one employee of the Pulaski County School System who has had a positive impact on their scholastic careers. The players then asked that person to wear their jersey to school and to the game on Homecoming.
Athletic Director Mark Hanks said Jones “wants the teachers to know how important they are in our athletes’ lives.”
Hanks said players chose teachers, principals, office assistants and maintenance personnel. The athletes were not limited to Pulaski County High School, so some chose employees from local middle and elementary schools as well.
Following is a list of the football players and the employee they chose to honor:

T.J. Gulley – Mrs. Snell, PCHS
Niko Thompson – Mrs. Douglas, DMS
Tyler Cole – Mr. Shelton, DMS
Randall Cobbs – Coach Lewis, DMS
Adam Allen – Mrs. Cheverton, DMS
Corky Hall – Mrs. Brewster, PMS
Pierce Rigney – Mrs. McMillian, PCHS
Taylor Bratton – Mrs. Spraker, PCHS
Chad Perry – Mr. Bell, DMS
Akeem Hill – Mrs. Jesse, PCHS
Joey Trigg – Mrs. Peterson, PCHS
Tyler Dotson – Mr. Matney, DMS
Bryan Cox – Mrs. Farley, PCHS
Logan Hall – Mrs. Ervin, DMS
Dylan Reicher – Mr. Lavery, PCHS
Cody Long – Dr. Cash, PCHS
Chase Cook – Officer Williams, PCHS
Marcus McClanahan – Mrs. Buck, PCHS
Zack Akers – Mrs. Vaught, PCHS
Brandon Brock – Mrs. Taylor, PMS
Matt Morris – Mrs. Heath, PCHS
Cody Smythers – Mr. O’Dell, DMS
Jamail Payne – Mrs. Gilbert, DMS
Phoenix Ramsey – Mrs. Vaught, PCHS
Rick Cobbs – Mrs. Jones (Math), PCHS
Kevin Powell – Mr. Hawks, PCHS
Keante Houston – Mrs. Lively, PCHS
Zack Neal – Mr. Sale, PCHS
Logan Linkous – Mrs. Grinnell, PCHS
Cody Wall – Mrs. Britt, PCHS
Zach Dao – Mrs. Dalton, DMS
Dustin Diamond – Mrs. Jones (Spanish), PCHS
Corey Dobbins – Mrs. Peterson, PMS
Tyler Golden – Mr. Edwards, DMS
Austin Newby – Mr. Peterson, PCHS
Tommy Wojick – Mrs. Farris, PCHS
Sammy Songer – Mr. Reedy, PCHS
Codie Blevins – Dr. Perry PMS
C. J. Reed – Diane Morris, PCHS custodian
Pedro Salamanca – Mr. Frye, PCHS
James Reynolds – Mrs. Cottle, DMS
Jim Richardson – Mr. Price, PCHS
Jeremy Louderback – Mrs. Booher, PCHS

James King – Mrs. Hamblin, PCHS
Billy Long – Mr. Ken Anderson, PCHS
Jesse Dean – Mr. Byrd, PCHS
Gabe LeBlanc – Mrs. Swick, PCHS
Kareem Calfee – Mrs. Utt, DMS
Brent Chrisley – Mrs. Hampton, Critzer
Ethan Barker – Mrs. Barker, Riverlawn



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