Local author takes students back in time

In the world of novels, the journey to write the book is as important as the journey within the book. This is true in the case of Patricia Guthrie, Pulaski resident and author of “Ten in Time.”
Guthrie is a retired teacher and founder of the Covenant Church Academy in Max Meadows. It was an assignment she gave to her English class over five years ago that sparked her inspiration for her historical fiction.
“I was teaching school at Covenant Church Academy at the time and we had been studying medieval history all year,” said Guthrie.
She asked her English class to write a creative story about the history they had been learning in class. It was the topic of one student’s story that started Guthrie on her own journey.
“One of my little boys was writing about Constantinople,” said Guthrie, “and I was sitting there looking at him and I thought, ‘What if I made him go back in time to the period that he was writing about?’ And that’s where I got the idea.”
The book takes place in the middle ages, as Ottoman Turks conquered Constantinople. The characters, based on her 10 students, travel back in time and have to deal with the terrors of war in the 1450s.
Following the inspiring moment, Guthrie began research the time period. “I was hooked,” said Guthrie. After hours of research and study, she began writing her book. When it was completed, she began her quest of trying to get it published.
“I sent it to one publisher and they lost my manuscript,” said Guthrie. “I sent it to another one and they kept it for eight months and told me they had too many manuscripts at the time.”
After deciding she was “too old” to spend years being turned down by publishers, Guthrie decided to self publish upon the advise of a self published author from Floyd. She thought, “If I’m every going to get a book published, I have to do it.”
She found a Christian self-publishing company online who helped her prepare a manuscript, publish the book and distribute to online dealers like Barns and Noble and Amazon.com. Her book can be bought locally at Coffee by the Book, Emmanuel Bookstore, and Grandma and Grandpa’s.
“Ten in Time” also reflects Guthrie faith in God through troubled times. The children in the book use their knowledge and faith to help them through their journey.
“In the book, the students are all Christians, and they are thrust in the middle of this terrible time,” said Guthrie. “They have to rely on the faith that they’ve been taught by their school and by their parents and their churches. Their faith is tried because they are in this terrible time of possible death, plus the fact that they don’t know whether they will be able to get back home.”
Guthrie herself is very pleased wit her book. “I love the book. I think it’s exciting,” said Guthrie. “It teaches kids history in a very interesting way.” Another reason behind the creation of her book was that she could not find a book for children or young adults teaching about this point in time.
In the future, Guthrie hopes to publish another book about raising a child with a brain injury, just as she and her husband have done for many years.

However, she hopes to have a publisher pick up the book rather than publishing it on her own.



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