Students raise awareness and money for the cure

For the second year, the Pulaski County High School marketing class is raising money and awareness for breast cancer. One student in the class has a special connection with the cause, which has helped propel her to lead the effort.
“Mainly we are just making posters and banners,” said Ashton Davis, PCHS marketing student. “Our main theme is raising awareness and then money. Awareness being posters and banners. And money being T-shirts and we’re putting buckets at the end of the lunchrooms and things.”
Raising awareness is a big part of the students’ efforts. According to Davis, the signs of breast cancer are often overlooked until it is too late.
“Breast cancer is a really big thing and a lot of people over look it. But so many people get diagnosed with it. We’re really trying to encourage people to get mammograms and things like that,” said Davis. “It’s easily cured if you get it in the first stage but most people just let it go. And then it gets worse.”
“It hits home for so many people, like as far as moms, sisters and so we just really wanted to address the whole subject of it,” added Davis.
Davis has a personal connection with breast cancer and the need for women to get any suspicious signs checked by a doctor. She lost her aunt to breast cancer a few years ago. It was a loss she feels could have been avoid.
“She found a lump and she was afraid to go to the doctor because she was afraid it was cancer. Well, it ended up getting worse so she died from it,” said Davis. “It just kind of inspired me to go on with it since it hits a lot of people.”
Davis added that patients should understand their neglect of taking action, also affects their loved ones. “It really affected our family. It kind of brought us all together but it’s sad that it took something like that,” said Davis
The students are all in Ashley Hill’s marketing class. According to Hill, in addition to raising awareness throughout the community, the students hope to raise $1,500 for Susan G. Komen for the Cure.
To show the class is moving towards its goal, for every dollar donated to the cause the class hangs an honorary breast cancer ribbon up in the commons of the school. In addition to helping a cause and giving her class a project, Hill believes her students’ contribution will help them become better adults.
“I think it’s good for high school students to do something that effects other people, a community service project,” said Hill. “I think it hits home for everyone. I think everybody knows someone who’s had breast cancer. I’m proud of our students. I’m proud of what they’ve done. I think most of them understand and have a personal experience.”
The class encourages more than just students and faculty to participate in raising money for breast cancer. Members of the community are urged to buy awareness T-shirts or donate money to help the class reach its goal.

For more information, to donate money or buy a shirt, contact Ms. Ashley Hill at PCHS.



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