Brother and sisters reunited after 35 years

After a 35-year search, a Pulaski woman located her long lost brother who resides no more than an hour away. While the reunion is extraordinary, it is not the first time the family has found lost siblings.
At a young age, Kathy Gravely could remember wanting to meet her baby brother, Glenn Kidd. The only time the two could have possibly met before now would have been at their father’s funeral when Gravely was 14-years-old and Kidd was two-years-old. However, Gravely has no memory of seeing her youngest sibling.
Through the years Gravely did try to contact her brother, but both children found roadblocks in their connection. It was not until Gravely’s mother’s death in December 2009 that she rekindled her search.
“I didn’t want to hurt my mom,” said Gravely. “But I did want (Glenn) in my life.”
Through a series of friends, Gravely found out her brother lived in Chilhowie, after relocating from Tennessee. She gave her phone number to her friends to pass along to her brother in the hope of making a connection.
“I thought he’d just get it and tear it up,” said Gravely. “I never thought I’d find him.”
However, Kidd did the opposite. He jumped at the chance to contact his sisters, who he had tried to find over the past five years but could not track down because they were all married and no longer had their maiden names.
Kidd called Gravely, informing her he was her brother. The two arranged to meet in a common location in Pulaski. Kidd’s presence brought back memories of her father; something Gravely had somewhat expected.
“He’s got my dad’s laugh…my dad’s nose,” said Gravely. “But he’s nothing like what I was told about my father.”
When the siblings first met, emotions ran high. However, by the end of the meeting, they left with a warm embrace.
“When we first met, it was like we had a distance, like we’d put up a block,” said Gravely. “But an hour before he left it was like we opened up.”
Kidd has now met other members of his new family as well, including Gravely’s son and one of his other three sisters. At the end of each gatherings, the siblings exchange hugs and at the end of their daily phone conversations, they exchange exclamations of “I love you.”
The reunited family plans as much time as possible together now that they are reconnected. They have plans for family cookouts, celebrating birthdays and hopefully coming together for holidays.
The siblings are the second generation of their family to find lost relatives. Gravely’s great-grandmother was reunited with her lost sibling after 78 years.
When Gravely’s great-grandmother was born, her mother died, leaving her in the care of her uncle. Her father had another family where he had three other daughters.
By the time Gravely’s great-grandmother and her oldest sister met, the middle sisters had passed. Gravely said her great-grandmother’s story helped to motivate her to find her long lost brother.



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