Pulaski County schools accredited

The Virginia Department of Education announced yesterday that every Pulaski County schools had earned full state accreditation and meets current state standards for achievement in English, mathematics, history and science based on 2009 to 2010 assessment results. Statewide, 98 percent of elementary and middle schools and 99 percent of high schools are now fully accredited.
“Well naturally we’re pleased. The teachers are working to teach as the state wishes them to and our students are applying the knowledge,” said Dr. Michael Hickman, Assistant Principal at Critzer Elementary. “First of all we have outstanding teachers. They’re excellent professionals. They have a complete understanding of the content and curriculum that they are expected to impart. And also they have knowledge of outstanding methodology and strategies to use to help that instruction. And then we have great kids. They’re good students. They give good work ethic in class and I think the final piece is the support of the parents at home. They work as hard. We probably send more homework than when I was in school. So it’s a team, students, parents and teachers.”
Of 132 school divisions in Virginia, 119 have now earned full accreditation compared to 117 divisions last year.
The accreditation ratings are based on the achievements of students on the Standards of Learning (SOL) assessments and approved substitute tests in required coursework.
“I certainly would like to congratulate the PCHS faculty and staff for their continued success with Virginia’s SOL accreditation program,” said Pulaski County High School Principal Rod Reedy. “We have a very dedicated, hardworking, and talented group of professional educators at PCHS and their SOL results have demonstrated that since the inception of the Standards of Learning program. Obviously, I’m very proud of them”
The results of tests in each subject are combined to produce overall school passing percentages in English, mathematics, history, and science.

For more information on the requirements for earning accreditation and on schools statewide, visit the Virginia Department of Education website at www.doe.virginia.gov.



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