Long range recreation study requested

Ingles District Supervisor Ranny Akers has requested an ad hoc committee be appointed to develop a long range study and plan for a recreation center to serve Pulaski County.
Akers said he would like to see a plan developed that would be similar to the county’s Comprehensive Plan in that it would determine what the county’s recreation needs will be in five, 10, 15 and even 25 years, as well as a plan for how the county can meet those needs.
In order to have a broad base of ideas, Akers suggested the committee be made up of representatives from the county, Pulaski, Dublin, Fairlawn, Hensel Eckman YMCA, and Pulaski County Recreation Department.
“It may start out as a large group and then let (the group) decide how to dwindle it down from there,” Akers told fellow supervisors at their recent meeting. “I’d rather the committee thin itself out as to who is needed and who isn’t.”
Supervisors Chairman Joe Sheffey asked whether the county doesn’t already have a recreation committee still in existence.
County Administrator Peter Huber said there is a committee that is studying indoor recreation. He suggested members from each of the organizations Akers recommended be added to that group. He also suggested a school board representative be added since the schools include a number of recreation facilities.
Akers asked that county staff look at getting a committee formed, but added, “You don’t have to have it done immediately.”
Earlier this year, the county was considering purchasing the former TMD Friction building for use as an indoor recreation center for county residents. The plan drew wide support from citizens, but the Board of Supervisors later decided to hold off on the project when it received information on state funding cuts that would impact the 2010-11 Fiscal Year Budget.



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