Council looking to clear Peak Creek

When flooding rains hit Pulaski in March, public safety officials and businesses were shocked to find water overflowing the downtown retaining walls.
At that time, several long-time residents said it was the first time they had ever seen Peak Creek overflow the walls.
As a result, the Town of Pulaski has contacted the U.S. Corps of Engineers to determine if any funding is available to help with the cost of clearing some sediment deposits and vegetation from the channel. The section between the low water dam and the Norfolk Southern railroad trestle is the target area.
Town Manager John Hawley is hoping removal of some of the trees that have grown in the channel will help keep the creek from overflowing again, but there is no way to be certain the trees and sediment buildup was the cause of the overflow in March.
Mayor Jeff Worrell said the overflow was probably the result of storm drains filling with water and then causing a backup. He believes the March flooding was an “anomaly.”
Worrell suggested town maintenance crews cut some of the trees since the budget doesn’t contain funds to hire someone to do it.



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