Police respond to IED incident

RADFORD- A suspicious device, which Radford City Police determined was a potential improvised explosive device (IED), was found by an apartment building manager Wednesday morning.
The device consisted of two plastic bottles duct taped together with wires inserted into each bottle and a gas grill igniter attached. The bottles contained an unidentified liquid. Virginia State Police bomb technicians were called to the scene and disrupted the device.
Police report that evacuation of the surrounding area was not necessary due to the location of the device in the 500 block of Downey Street. However, local residents were asked to remain inside as a precautionary measure.
For part of the day, a two-block section of Downey Street was closed to pedestrian and vehicle traffic.
Police state the device appears to have been a hoax but have recovered evidence from the scene and are sending it away for forensic analysis.
Individuals with any information regarding this incident are asked to contact the Radford Police Crime Tip Line at 731-3627.



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