Mother guilty in son’s death

If the judge accepts a jury’s recommendation, a Pulaski woman will spend 20 years in prison for the September death of her three-year-old son.
A Pulaski County Circuit Court jury convicted Lisa Michelle Hylton, 38, of Mashburn Avenue Friday of second degree murder and felony child neglect in the death of Trevor Kane Hylton.
Trevor died at Pulaski Community Hosptial Sept. 30, an hour after police rushed him to the emergency room upon receiving a report of a child not breathing. Hylton was aware her son had ingested liquid methadone she had purchased illegally to try to get herself off of drugs.
Prosecutors said Hylton tried to treat the child herself and waited 14 hours before obtaining medical assistance for him because she had been warned by a judge not to have drugs in her home and was afraid of getting into trouble with the courts.
Hospital workers tried for an hour to revive the child, but was unable to save him.
According to the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) Methadone is primarily used in heroin detoxification and maintenance programs. High-dose methadone blocks the effects of heroin, thus discouraging its use. Chronic use of methadone results in the development of tolerance and dependence.
Although it is intended to help drug addicts get off opiate drugs such as heroine, the DEA points out that methadone, ironically, is often sold illegally and is responsible for many drug overdose deaths.
According to Associated Press, drug overdose deaths surpassed auto accidents as the number one cause of injury-related death in 16 states, excluding Virginia, during 2006. The report states that data from the Centers for Disease Control indicates the drug-related death rate “roughly doubled from the late 1990s to 2006.”



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