Gun laws also change

A National Rifle Association-backed measure signed into law by Gov. Bob McDonnell also takes effect today.
Individuals with right-to-carry permits for a concealed firearm may now carry weapons into restaurants. However, if an individual chooses to carry a weapon, alcohol cannot be consumed at the establishment.
McDonnell has also signed several additional gun laws for Virginia gun owners.
Circuit court judges may now authorize the Clerk of Court to issue concealed carry permits provided the applicant has completed the application, the background check indicates there are no disqualifications, and after consulting with local police authorities no further questions arise.
Additionally, individuals may now renew concealed carry permits by mail. Retired law-enforcement officials are also entitled to carry a concealed weapon without a permit.

A state statute has been repealed that required the governing body of any county requiring the seller of pistols and revolvers to report the name and address of purchasers, the date of sale, and number, make, and caliber of the gun to the Clerk of Circuit Court.



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