Scam alert issued

Pulaski County citizens are advised to be cautious when hiring a contractor to install lateral sewer lines due to a scam apparently being perpetrated in the area.
According to a notice, Pulaski County citizens have become aware of people approaching citizens while posing as contractors or county employees and offering to do lateral sewer line installations.
Although the Pulaski County Public Service Authority (PSA) is in the process of constructing new sewer lines in subdivisions and mobile home parks in the Dublin area, “in no circumstances” are county employees “authorized to perform (the) work” to install lateral lines.
“Please use caution when hiring a contractor to do this service,” the notice states. “We recommend that you ask (the purported contractors) for a written estimate, obtain a business card and phone number, ask for their business license or ask the local government to verify a business license; and we recommend obtaining multiple quotes from various contractors.”
Citizens are advised not to pre-pay for the service, but rather to “agree to a payment plan as work progresses or at the conclusion of the work. If you take these precautionary steps, then the chances of falling victim to a scam are less.”
The county advises that the suspicious contractors shouldn’t be confused with contractors who are performing work on behalf of the PSA.
“After a formal bid notice and procedure, the PSA has contracted with a few different contractors to install these main lines and pump stations within the subdivisions,” according to the notice. It also notes that homeowners are responsible for hooking up their sewer line lateral to the main line from their home.
“In the majority of circumstances, the homeowner will hire a contractor to do the installation of the lateral sewer line connection,” the notice adds.
The County also has become aware of contractors who are either inappropriately paving and sealing driveways or are charging extraordinarily high prices.
Anyone who thinks they may have fallen victim to one of these scams should call Pulaski County Sheriff’s Department at 980-7805 to file a report.



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