Father cleared in fatal shooting

A Grand Jury Thursday declined to indict a Pulaski County man who fatally shot his son in the Hiwassee section of the county March 16.
Pulaski County Commonwealth’s Attorney Mike Fleenor said indictments of voluntary manslaughter and brandishing a firearm were presented to the grand jury, but “the Grand Jury declined to indict (Duncan) for any criminal offense.
“I would like to personally thank the Pulaski County Sheriff’s Office for their professional and thorough investigation of this matter and the Grand Jury for their serious deliberation and consideration of the events that led to this tragic death. This matter is now considered to be concluded and no further action will be taken,” said Fleenor.
Steven Matthew Duncan, 23, died March 16 of a single gunshot wound to the chest.
Earlier, Pulaski County Sheriff Jim Davis said police received two calls of altercations at Graham Duncan’s Duncan Hill Lane home around 4:30 p.m. March 16. He said the first call concerned an altercation between non-family members and the second call was of a domestic altercation the led to a shooting at the residence.
Police and rescue personnel responding to the scene found Steven Duncan had been shot with a handgun.
Fleenor said the case was “fully investigated” by the sheriff’s office and a complete report was forwarded to his office.
He said Capt. Brian Wade presented the Grand Jury with evidence gathered from the scene, as well as a history of the Duncans.



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