Town boundary decision coming

Although other projects have taken the forefront over the past few months, the Town of Pulaski hopes to find out soon whether it will be beneficial to move forward with a boundary line adjustment.
Town Manager John Hawley said the consulting firm (TischlerBise Inc. of Bethesda, Maryland) hired to "run the numbers" to determine whether it would be financially beneficial to expand the town’s boundaries expects to have figures ready shortly.
Once the figures are available, it will be up to Pulaski Town Council to decide whether to pursue the matter. Hawley said meetings to obtain public comment will be scheduled if council decides it is feasible to expand town limits.
However, Hawley stressed that the expansion will not be pursued if it will be detrimental to the county.
When discussion of a boundary line adjustment first arose, Hawley stresses the boundary adjustment under consideration is not an annexation.
"Annexation and boundary adjustments are two different things," he said. While annexations are court-driven expansions of territory, he noted that boundary adjustments are written agreements between two jurisdictions that agree to the adjustment.
In this case, the Town of Pulaski and Pulaski County would have to agree to the changes.
The areas the town is considering taking into the town system are along the Route 99 and Route 11 corridors and Bob White Boulevard.
As part of the study, TischlerBise is developing a "fiscal impact analysis" to determine what beneficial or detrimental effects the adjustment would have for the town and the county.

Before the adjustment could be approved it would have to be beneficial for both sides.



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