Over $100K to repair New River Trail

While recent flooding left Heritage Park and Cool Springs disheveled, it was the New River Trail Extension that sustained the most damage.
Pulaski Town Manager John Hawley said it could cost more than $100,000 to repair damage to the trail extension that runs along Peak Creek off Dora Highway. The two quotes received range from $107,000 to $110,000.
The trail cost $225,000 to construct, Hawley told members of Pulaski Town Council last week.
Dave Hart, director of parks and facilities for the town, said it was “kind of discouraging to see what had taken place” along the trail following the March 13 flooding.
He said the gravel surface was either removed or partially removed along much of the trail and “deposited somewhere else.” In many places, the surface is back to its base.
Hart said the worst damage to the trail was in the area under the Route 99 bridge, where an estimated 25 to 30 feet of retaining wall was lost.
Hawley said Tuesday the town is still discussing the damage with its insurance carrier. He said the carrier has requested information pertaining to flood zones in that area.
According to Hawley, damage to Heritage Park and Cool Springs is much lower. He estimated it at $10,000 to $15,000.
Hart said the building at Cool Springs had about three feet of water in it at the height of the flooding, adding that the water level was about a foot from the crossbar on the goal posts on the field.
He estimated about 540 feet of 1,300 feet of rail fence was either lost or taken down by the floodwaters. Fifty-five rails and 10 posts were recovered downstream.
At Heritage Park, eight picnic tables washed away, but have been recovered downstream. Hart said all of the mulch washed away and “time will tell whether the plantings survive” the silt deposited on them.
Hawley said he doesn’t think the losses are anything the town will not replace, but “it’ll just be a matter of time.”



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