Pink truck memorializes Volvo cancer victims

Around mid-2009, while assembling a new 2010 Volvo VNL 630 at the Volvo Methods Lab, the workers chose the color of pink when it came time to paint the truck.
Why pink?
“They came to a consensus that the truck would be a tribute to their fellow workers who have had to battle cancer, and also as a reminder for everyone to get annual check-ups,” explains Marcus Thompson, Volvo’s director of communications. He said the pink truck, complete with EPA2010 technology, will remain parked in front of the main building for about a year, not only as a memorial to those who have suffered from cancer but “to encourage cancer prevention.”
The truck is lovingly named “Steel Magnolia,” after a 1989 movie of the same name starring Dolly Parton, whose song “Eagle When She Flies” includes the lyrics “gentle as the sweet magnolia, strong as steel, her faith and pride.”
“We think those lyrics capture the spirit of our family members who have endured the pain and challenge of cancer,” Thompson said.
The team that created the Steel Magnolia includes Mike Phillips, Butch Childers, Roger Douglas, Brad Hodge, R.C. Scott, Gary Shepherd, Allen Spangler, Mike Spraker, Joey Venable, Chris Cooley, Tim Franklin, Kelvin Gant, Dale Mason, Melissa Price, Sherree Shrader and John Winnard.
The pink truck will be at Randolph Park on June 4 for the Relay For Life event.



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