Pulaski lopping six inches off ordinance

In an effort to try to improve the appearance of town neighborhoods, Pulaski Town Council is looking to lop six inches off the maximum allowable height for grass and weeds starting this summer.
Council has asked Town Attorney David Warburton to rework the Weed and Grass Ordinance to limit the maximum allowable height from 18 inches to 12 inches. The new ordinance also will require that the grass be cut, so as to discourage violators from just flattening the vegetation.
Some time back, there was discussion that some property owners who had been given warnings under the ordinance would circumvent it by using vehicles and other means to flatten the grass, rather than mow it.
By requiring that it be cut at 12 inches, rather than 18, Vice Mayor David Clark said residents should still be able to mow it with a standard household lawnmower. In the past, some properties have had to be bush hogged due to lawns becoming so overgrown a standard lawnmower was not sufficient to handle it.
All council members agreed that lowering the maximum height from 18 inches to 12 inches was reasonable.
Mayor Jeff Worrell said the town typically doesn’t receive any complaints until vegetation reaches about a foot tall.
After Warburton completes a rewrite of the ordinance, it will be returned to town council for review and a final vote.
Farmland and woodland are exempted from the ordinance.



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