SWVGS board talk changes, successes

Officials from five counties and two cities met on Tuesday at Northwood Elementary to discuss several items on the agenda for the Southwest Virginia Governor School (SWVGS).
Brought in the meeting as well was the current budget issues that loom in the school system and how each county or city should make sure their students attending the Governor’s School have a strong commitment to staying in the program long-term.
Three students left the school after the first few weeks of attending the SWVGS. A new plan just recently put in place should alleviate this issue.
SWVGS Director Rebecca Phillips spent a bigger portion of the meeting talking about the success of students during their visits to local campuses.
Of the 27 students who attended the on-site visit at Virginia Tech, all of them were accepted and all, but two were accepted into their major. The only two students who did an on-site visit with Radford University were accepted into both their major and the honors program.
One of the other items discussed were the eight adjustments made to SWVGS calendar for this year due to snow. The end of the fourth six weeks will conclude n March 19 instead of March 4.
Parent Teacher conferences are also being moved from February 25 to March 30. The fifth six weeks, which has be scheduled to conclude on April 9, will instead end on April 23.
Also moved was the Second Semester exams to May 25-28 (from May 17-20), the Awards Banquet to May 27 (from May 20), and the last day of school to May 28 (from May 24).



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