Museum artifacts hang in limbo

The Town of Pulaski is still awaiting word from its insurance company on how much money it will have to restore historic town artifacts salvaged from the November 2008 train station fire.
In the meantime, some photographs and other items in serious need of restoring continue to deteriorate every day, said Mayor Jeff Worrell.
Councilman Larry Clevinger II, a member of a committee appointed to oversee the items that were saved or salvaged from the fire, said the committee’s biggest problem is uncertainty as to how much money it will have to work with in having items professionally restored.
“We have two to three one-of-a-kind images that are very important to the history of the town that need restoration,” Clevinger told Pulaski Town Council Tuesday night.
He said the committee has been working on an appropriations policy that will govern all items donated to the Raymond F. Ratcliffe Transportation Museum in the future and will set forth policy for eliminating items form the collection.
The committee plans to start sorting through all of the recovered items that are in storage soon, making the “difficult” decision on which items will be saved and restored and which are too damaged.



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