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Washington talks social classes

So much talk comes from Washington about the working poor, middle class and super rich that many people simply hear the murmuring when an official, such as President Obama, speaks.

Experts, somewhere, establish income levels, living conditions, working situations and other parameters for measuring worth and need.

A simple sight review of each community in this nation reveals differences. Missing are the intrinsic unseen variables, such as income, net worth, savings, debt, spending habits and related matters, that play major roles in the total picture.

The areas of the country in which one lives and works are very much a part of income and spending.

Lifestyle plays a vital role, also. If you spend for all your wants and not your needs, purchase items not needed on a whim or simply to keep up with the Joneses, where do you expect to be?

Like Johnny Cash sang, “one day older and deeper in debt.”

A review of social classes shows super rich, rich, middle class, upper middle class, lower middle class, working class, working poor and underclass.

Some designations seem skewed, particularly when it comes to income levels. Most people do not want their incomes revealed and that reasoning is understood.

The level of one’s living can, in many cases, not reveal the level of income for that family. It all depends on how that income is spent, whether wisely or foolishly.

Playing a part in the overall scheme of life is who people are, how they act and the events in which they participate.

President Obama presumes to have all the answers to the economic mess this nation is in with his jobs program, health care reform and most recently, his plan for economic growth and deficit reduction.

Cuts in excessive and ridiculous spending would impact the nation.



One Response to Washington talks social classes

  1. Richard Congrove

    September 24, 2011 at 12:06 am

    Lifestyle and discretional spending have nothing to do with the economic crisis in this country. The fact that Goldman-Sachs was able to find a loophole in investment laws that allowed American citizens to invest in a private enterprise within a Communist country, where investment in a Communist enterprise was illegal,led the Chinese to privatize and American financiers to send trillions of dollar and equipment to produce almost everything we consume. Money that could have spent here. Microsoft alone has 2400 employees in the US, and 250,000 in China.
    The furor over “high-paid” government employees was such a perversion of fact as to be beyond ludicrous. The GS scale of pay has been in place for decades. A job paying GS-2, always has. The wages went up only with inflation. So, government employees in 2011 have literally the same spending ability as they had in 1960. Not so with the private sector who has used every propangandized and manipulative means available to limit wages.
    The lack of nationalism is the cause for the problems..an obscene lack of concern for this country and its people. A nation that looks for the cheapest, not the American-made product, the cheapest labor, even if illegal, the cheapest good, even if it finances a regime with beliefs contrary to ours.
    My hometown has become a ghost town due to Chinese made clothing, furniture and other items that once made Pulaski a great little town in which to raise a family. Nowadays, most who maintain a middle class lifestyle work in Montgomery or Wythe county or make the drive to Roanoke every day.
    These are examples of the real problem. Now, lets work together to find a reasonable solution and elect new officials who represent America and Americans. Four decades of our representatives standing only for their corporate contributors has done enough damage to all of us.

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